Defend your future with an experienced aggravated DUI attorney

Orange County is known for harsh penalties for drivers who use their vehicles under the influence. They are getting even more stringent when “additional” factors are revealed in your case. If you’re struggling with aggravated DUI charges and are not properly represented in court, you may end up suffering from license suspension or getting imprisoned. You should use every chance to get qualified defense representation when you are arrested for DUI.

Mr. Bloom is an experienced attorney with 21 years of practice in the criminal court system. He can make a difference in the outcome of your case.

Why you need the best representation for aggravated DUI in Orange County

In Orange County, multiple DUI laws accompany the requirement for the person to be prohibited from driving a vehicle under the impact of alcohol, drugs, or both. You may need to be assisted by a seasoned aggravated DUI attorney who will interpret those laws for you and advise on the course of action if you are arrested. 

Mr. Bloom can assess all the aggravating factors like your:

  • BAC
  • Criminal history
  • Severity of the consequences (if there was an injured or dead victim)
  • Driving speed
  • Presence of minor passengers
  • Suspended or revoked license

Mr. Bloom engages a range of professional resources and his expertise in dealing with aggravated DUI charges to be ready to represent your interests. If you decide to handle the process on your own, you will soon realize you have more on your plate than you can manage. DUI is a two-pronged case, meaning that you have a criminal case and an MVD case, which determine whether you will be allowed to drive. It may be hard to juggle self-protection at both front lines. 

With Mr. Bloom, you do not have to tear yourself between two critical matters. He can professionally deal with every aspect of your case.

Get professional defense for aggravated DUI charges in Orange County

Mr. Steven K. Bloom has 21 years of hands-on experience helping those who find themselves charged. He realizes the importance of an individual approach to every aggravated DUI charge in Orange County, so he never uses a one-size-fits-all strategy. Mr. Bloom carefully studies the details of your case and provides powerful arguments in your defense.

Do not wait until it’s too late. Contact our office to schedule a consultation with Mr. Bloom and figure out the way of standing against your charge.