All About Public Intoxication – Part Two

public intoxication

As noted in part one of this series, California Penal Code 647 (f) notes that being drunk in public only becomes a crime when you put others at risk or block thoroughfares. Could you have been wrongfully charged with public intoxication? What are the possible penalties for this charge?

Possible Defenses for Public Intoxication Charges

A good defense lawyer will look at your specific public intoxication charge. They will examine the circumstances of the charges and determine the best defense. The law needs to show that you were voluntarily intoxicated, in public, causing a danger to yourself or others, or blocking roads or sidewalks. Defenses may involve these points.

For example, were you in a private place or not causing safety problems? Because each case is different, your lawyer should take the time to evaluate your case and find the right approach for it and not a general technique used for all cases of this type.

Penalties for Intoxication in Public Charges

As a misdemeanor, a charge of intoxication in public can come with a fine or jail time. You may spend up to six months in jail or face a fine of up to $1000. Plus, you will have a misdemeanor charge on your record, which could cause problems if you need to apply for jobs that look for any types of charges on your record.

Is Public Intoxication the Same as Driving Under the Influence?

Driving under the influence falls under California Vehicle Code 23152(a). In this case, the driver does not have a blood alcohol content greater than 0.8 percent but shows impairment in driving. Therefore, any amount of intoxicating substance in the blood can bring this charge, which requires a good DUI lawyer in Orange County to defend.

The two charges are not the same but could come together depending on what happens. Like public intoxication, driving under the influence typically is a misdemeanor charge.

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