Behind the Scenes: What Happens After the Police Make an Arrest

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What Happens When Police Make an Arrest

The first thing that should happen at the arrest is the law enforcement officer reading you your Miranda rights and asking if you understand them. These rights include the right to remain silent. However, even things that you said before your arrest could be used against you. Therefore,

Leaving Custody Via Bond or Release

After your arrest, police may let you leave or take you to the county jail. If you qualify for and can post the money for bail, the average time for release from Orange County Jail is four hours, though it can be anywhere from two to six hours. Bail is the money that you give to get out of jail. How much you spend depends on the amount set by the judge at the arraignment hearing. Bond is the promise that you will come back to your court date when requested.

Arraignment and Legal Help

Arraignment happens when you appear before a judge who lets you know the charges against you. They will also let you know the amount you need to pay for bail. After hearing the charges, you have three plea options – guilty, not guilty, and no contest. To get defense help with your case, if you plead not guilty, you have the option to use the public defender or hire a private defense attorney. While you also have the choice to defend yourself, this method is not ideal because defending a case in court requires a deep knowledge of the law.

Private Defender or Public Defender

While everyone has the right to an attorney, you may not want to choose the public defender. They handle numerous cases each day and may lack the time to give your situation the full attention that it needs. The best option to get the most thorough defense and time dedicated to your defense is by choosing a private defense attorney.

After Police Make an Arrest, Contact the Law Office of Steven K. Bloom for Defense Help

If the police make an arrest, you need to get a defense attorney in Orange County who will help you throughout the process from arrest through your trial. Contact Steven K. Bloom to discuss your case and find out if he can lend his expertise to your case.




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