CA PC 1203.4 Expungements and How to Clean a Criminal Record

clean a criminal record

If you want to clean a criminal record to successfully pass background checks for jobs, home loans, apartment rentals, and more, consult with an expert in expungements. A judge must evaluate your case and sign a form removing the crime from your record. Is the effort to put into clearing your record worth it? Undoubtedly it is, but you will need help with the process.

What Is an Expungement?

Expungement is covered under California Penal Code 1203.4. It outlines what this is and how individuals qualify for it. Expungement allows those who have successfully finished all the requirements of their probation to have their crimes removed from their records. After expungement, when asked on job applications and other forms for background checks if they have been convicted of a felony, they can answer “no” as long as they don’t have any other convictions not expunged.

How Do You Clean a Criminal Record?

The California Court System provides the forms required for requesting expungement. However, not everyone will need both forms. Some people may need additional paperwork. To ensure that you fill out the correct paperwork and bring it to court, you should talk to a lawyer about your case.

In cases of expungement, Steven K. Bloom has helped clients to get several types of convictions removed from their records. Find out if you might benefit from his legal advice, too.

Benefits of Expungement

There are several benefits to having a conviction removed from your record. After expungement, background checks will no longer show that you were convicted of the removed crime. Therefore, you can have many rights restored to you, including:

  • The ability to purchase a firearm
  • No longer needing to register as a sex offender
  • More easily get a job that requires a clear criminal record
  • Get housing rentals that require passing background checks

Expungement only provides you with benefits if the judge agrees to remove the conviction from your record. Don’t let the chance to restore your rights pass you by. Get the help that you need from a California legal expert, Steven K. Bloom.

Let The Law Office of Steven K. Bloom Help You with Your Expungement

Expungement requires legal knowledge to successfully acquire. Therefore, you need to consult with The Law Office of Steven K. Bloom to find out which forms you need and the process to successfully clean a criminal record of a conviction. Contact us todaywith your information and case specifics.





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