Causes of Criminal Behavior in Normally Law-Abiding Citizens


Not everyone in court wanted to have criminal charges upon them. In fact, many people start as normally law-abiding citizens. However, severe circumstances may change things in their lives to make crimes seem inevitable. In these ways, unexpected sources can be causes of criminal behavior. A good defense lawyer will see these people as individuals who each have their own stories to tell. Plus, that lawyer will listen to them and do everything possible to help them in court.

Everyone Has Moments of Antisocial Behavior

In a study from Arizona State University, researchers discovered that causes of criminal behavior may include simply being human. The study found that almost everyone acted outside completely law-abiding habits. They had committed a crime, acted antisocially, or were dishonest in some way. Most people experience a peak in this behavior between ages 14 to 17.

Causes of Criminal Behavior

Even after the age at which such behaviors peak, some people may engage in criminal acts from mental illness, life stresses, financial problems, or other similar circumstances. For instance, anxiety and depression can impact how a person sees and interacts with the world. Personal stress may put more pressure on a person to act in a way they normally wouldn’t. Some of the people with these conditions may commit petty theft or other crimes. In cases when an individual is typically a law-abiding person, committing a crime could even serve as a cry for help for their situation.

Help for People Who Need It

The causes of criminal behavior vary as much as the people charged with crimes. However, those with criminal charges are not alone. They do not have to go through the court process without someone to guide them. This is where a defense attorney comes in.

Everyone has the right to an attorney. However, not everyone can get a good lawyer. Court-appointed defense lawyers are often overworked and have little time to help their clients. However, lawyers not provided by the court can take the time each case needs to study it and give the client a quality defense.

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No matter the causes of criminal behavior in your case, you deserve to have someone help you. If you want someone to listen to your story and help you to defend yourself in court, contact Steven K. Bloom in Orange County. He can only provide defense for those within the county. However, he will work hard to help your case as best as he can. With years of experience in California defense law, he knows the law and how to help his clients. Reach out for help today.


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