Domestic Violence-Anaheim Domestic Violence Lawyer

Get qualified help from the best domestic violence attorney in Anaheim

Those who have been falsely accused of violent acts at home usually do not have a full picture of the consequences the court trial may result in. On the other hand, victims of domestic abuse may have difficulty deciding where to turn to for help. In both cases, walking into the court without an experienced Anaheim domestic violence lawyer like Mr. Bloom can be a big mistake.

This can be a matter of death or life, freedom or jail. Mr. Bloom represents clients in all aspects of domestic violence law, so your case is in the hands of a professional who knows how to win.

Anaheim domestic violence attorney who stands for you in the court

It doesn’t matter what side of the accusation you are at. Mr. Bloom will vigorously defend your interests while drawing on his experience helping victims of domestic abuse and protecting those who have been dishonestly blamed for convicting the crime. 

Protect yourself with Anaheim domestic violence lawyer Mr. Steven K. Bloom

If you’ve been accused of committing that in your household, Mr. Bloom can prove your innocence. He knows what’s at stake. If you are charged with a domestic violence case, you may face an extremely severe prison sentence. But using his profound knowledge of domestic violence laws and precedents, Mr. Bloom will do his best to bring the desired results.

Defend your legal rights in the court if your partner is abusive

We know it’s hard to cross that line. You may be scared because of constant threats. Or your abuser may be a master of words, manipulating you all the way. Nevertheless, you’ve got to protect yourself or your loved ones from further harm. 

Mr. Bloom is by your side. He will explain your legal rights and what steps you can take right now. He will also represent you if you decide to take the case further. 

The domestic violence attorney in Anaheim you can trust

With 21 years of active practice in criminal law and thousands of clients protected, you will have your interests defended most professionally. Mr. Bloom is a domestic violence lawyer in Anaheim who can help with your case if you suffer or are accused of:

  • Physical actions like hitting, scratching, and punching
  • Harassment and stalking
  • Threats
  • Sexual abuse

If you feel you need dependable court representation in the domestic violence matter, contact Mr. Bloom to discuss the details of your case confidentially.