Domestic Violence Arrest

Domestic violence

Under penal code 13701(b), California law encourages the arrest of an accused in a suspected domestic violence case. Therefore, a call asking the police to help could result in your arrest. In these cases, you need legal help for your case from a defense lawyer with knowledge of the California domestic violence laws.

Why a Domestic Violence Arrest Might Occur

In California, the penal code requires that law enforcement agencies create written guidelines for officers to follow regarding how they respond to domestic violence calls. While each agency has its own rules, the state requires that those rules at minimum encourage arresting one person and discourage dual arrests in such cases. Consequently, if a call to the police happens, there is a high likelihood that one party will be arrested.

How a Domestic Violence Arrest Can Impact Your Life

An accusation of domestic violence can make things difficult for the defendant. For instance, you may face a restraining order keeping you from contacting the accuser. Convictions could result in fines or prison time. Therefore, you need to get advice on how to handle the situation and what you should do to avoid harming your case.

How a Defense Attorney Might Help

A defense attorney can help you to navigate through the confusing legal system. When discussing the details of the case with your attorney, be as open and honest as possible. They will use your information to help you to plan a legal strategy that is customized to your situation.

Steven K. Bloom has been defending people in Orange County for years. He has extensive experience in helping those who have faced domestic violence arrests and need legal assistance. Let him help you, too.

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The state of California has strict laws governing how domestic violence cases proceed. Therefore, you need to find someone who can help you to know what to do. Contact the Law Office of Steven K. Bloom to find out how you can find a legal expert who will work for you. 





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