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Do You Need a Drug Crimes Attorney in California?

 Steven K. Bloom’s (SKB) firm aims to provide its clients with the best Drug Crimes Attorney. Every client receives the personal attention they truly deserve. The Law Office of Steven K. Bloom believes that the fundamentals of delivering outstanding results in the criminal court system are hard work and dedication to the legal profession. Mr. Steven K. Bloom, a criminal defense lawyer, fights tenaciously for his clients and does everything in his power to ensure that their cases have the best chance of success.

Why do you need a drug crimes attorney?

You can better comprehend the law and your rights regarding drug possession by consulting a lawyer. They can aid you in developing a defense and negotiating with the prosecution. A lawyer can assist you in lessening the effects of a drug possession conviction.


State and even city drug possession laws differ from one another. What might be regarded as a little quantity of drugs in one place might be a bigger quantity in another. The type and quantity of drugs involved determine the specific penalties that apply to drug possession. Let’s go into the details of why and when you need a drug crimes attorney:

Fines and Charges

One of the main repercussions of drug possession accusations is this. If you are found guilty of this offense, the sentencing judge will almost certainly impose both a fine to cover court expenses and a penalty to comply with the rules set forth by law. 


Before formal charges are brought, we, as your drug crimes attorney, can intervene and offer assistance. We will support you through every stage of the procedure, beginning with pre-filing inquiries.


The actions we take before filing charges may help limit the repercussions you endure. If not, harsh charges can be harmful to your future.


Before charges are filed, the initial inquiry could assist us as your attorney in gathering data that will influence the prosecutor’s choice. In the absence of that, some prosecutors might jump. Instead, they might only consider some relevant factors and pursue the most serious allegations.

We, as your attorney for drug crimes, will use necessary diligence. We’ll acquire as much data as we can. Meanwhile, if you are represented, the prosecution is more likely to consider those facts.

Throughout the entire procedure, we will keep an eye on the prosecutor.


You can prevent significant, aggressive charges before they are ever brought.


Handling Law Enforcement

If police officers and other officials believe you have committed drug crimes, they might not have your best interests in mind. Instead, before bringing formal accusations against you, they might exploit everything you say against you. They might interpret something you say casually. Officers may even appear relaxed and amiable during these interactions.


Without your drug crimes attorney present, be silent. Instead, give us a call as soon as you can. If not, what you say can be detrimental to your case and future in a negative way. Then we, as your attorney, will speak on your behalf. Nothing we say will be detrimental to your case.

Additionally, we are very familiar with the local drug regulations. We will make sure police can’t violate your rights by stopping them.

Having a drug crime attorney there from the outset may result in your case being completely dropped.

Improving Your Defense

When presenting your case, we, as your attorney, won’t just depend on the arresting officer’s report. We will start our own probe instead. Then, we can decide on the appropriate legal course of action to ensure your innocence.


We might be able to have the charges withdrawn or reduced!

Keeping Track of Your Case

After being detained for a drug offense, it could be difficult for you to get more information. We will prioritize your best interests as your attorney. We can inform you at every stage of the process. You can feel at ease if you have the appropriate knowledge. Otherwise, you can feel misinformed after the charges are brought.


It can take some time for officers to do their preliminary investigation if you are not detained. Offers might make a solid case against you within that time. Using the data they acquired, they can then bring more serious accusations. We can help you out in this situation.

Safeguarding Your Interests

As your drug crimes attorney, we have your best interests in mind. We will stand by your side in the battle to safeguard your future and best interests.


Without a lawyer, you’ll have to defend yourself against severe fines, jail time, or other punishments. Additionally, these offenses will remain permanently on your record. As a result, you might need help finding employment after serving your term.


You might be able to avoid a felony on your record by hiring a drug criminal attorney. You can then defend both your present and future reputations.

Probing Your Case

We, as your knowledgeable attorney, know how to look into the matter to support your defense.


Also, we will begin by compiling information that will support your innocence. We may also rely on our network of professional contacts. For instance, we might engage an investigator to work on your case.


The information we compile could be crucial to your case.


If you are detained for drug offenses, it will be difficult for you to compile the necessary proof on your own. You can also need more credibility. Instead, let your lawyer take care of this procedure on your behalf.



SKB is the perfect choice when it comes to choosing a defense drug crimes attorney. Contact us now to get a lawyer to assist with your case.  




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