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Getting pulled over and ticketed for driving while under the influence charge can make life much more difficult for you. You could face losing your license. And in car-reliant southern California, that could make getting to work almost impossible. Get professional legal advice on your DUI charge by consulting with an expert who has more than two decades of experience in the law, Steven K. Bloom.


DUI Charge? Now What?

If you have a DUI charge, you should contact a lawyer. If you don’t get your own representation, the court can provide you with one. However, the court’s choice may not have time to put as much effort into your case. You deserve one-on-one help with your DUI charge.


There are many aspects to cases that could change the course. However, these require a professional to examine them with a close eye and knowledge of the law.


How Are DUI Charges Determined?

There are several types of DUI charges, depending on how many you’ve had previously and the extent of the inebriation. The vehicle code for California 23152 covers both drug and alcohol influences when driving. In fact, it covers influences of any drug and blood alcohol percentages of 0.08 for non-commercial vehicles or 0.04 for commercial vehicles. Therefore, there are several ways that you could be charged with DUI. How the officer decided to ticket you could come into play in your defense.


What an Orange County Lawyer Can Do to Help You

If you are in Orange County and need a lawyer to defend your DUI charges, you need someone who can work diligently for you. Only a qualified lawyer can give you legal advice for your case. Therefore, you should bring your information to discuss with an experienced attorney in Orange County.


A lawyer can examine the circumstances of your case to see if you were wrongfully charged or if there were other factors involved. Because some types of DUI charges that result in injuries or death fall under the three-strikes law, you need a good lawyer to help you with your case. Make your most important decision choosing a qualified defense attorney for your DUI case.


Reach Out for Help for a DUI Charge from Orange County’s Steven K. Bloom

If you have a DUI charge, don’t wait to get help. Message Steven K. Bloom with the details of your case to see if he can help you. You deserve to have quality representation from a lawyer who works hard for each of his clients. Steven K. Bloom is just such a legal expert who can help his clients get through the legal process. Call our law office at 714-680-0311. You can also send up information about the case through our online contact form for a free evaluation. Get help for your DUI case by connecting with an experienced defense attorney serving Orange County, Steven K. Bloom.


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