DUI defense attorney: Hire the best one

Hire A DUI Defense Attorney – Best Tricks To Protect Yourself

Driving while intoxicated is a crime from a legal perspective. It is frustrating when you face DUI penalties for driving a car in a drunken condition. By creating a solid defense strategy, you can hire a DUI defense lawyer in Orange County, California and fight DUI charges. We have now talked about legal defenses to DUI charges to prove that.

  • You have not been intoxicated.
  • Those who arrested you have not followed the right procedures.
  • You are not responsible for impaired driving.

DUI defense attorney: Best Tricks To Protect Yourself

False result of the blood alcohol concentration test

Before taking a DUI breath test, you need to be under the observation of an officer for around 15 minutes. It is intended to ensure that you have not put anything (drinks, mouth spray, and medicines) into your mouth. Moreover, the officer has to confirm that you have not burped or belched during this time. These activities can cause them to move from stomach to mouth.

DUI breath testing accuracy depends on measuring your deep lung air. However, with alcohol in your mouth, if you have blown into your device, there is a mixture of air. It will lead to a false result on the BAC test.

Bad driving may not always mean DUI cases.

If someone has charged you for DUI, you can argue that you have been driving just improperly or erratically. In most DUI cases, the driving behavior of the alleged persons is the main target or focus of prosecutors. They regularly have to testify that their driving was like someone who has drunk alcohol.

A highly knowledgeable DUI lawyer disproves the fact by letting the officer review the ways that you have driven the car safely and properly. The DUI attorney will produce testimony that many sober people commit traffic violations. Besides, the attorney will claim that only a driving pattern or style cannot be a strong DUI predictor.  

DUI and intoxication symptoms are not always the same

You can challenge the physical intoxication symptoms argued by the prosecutors. Your physical look plays a significant role in the DUI investigation process. 

Red eyes, a flushed face, slurred speech, and a strong alcohol odor are symptoms that you have drunk alcohol.

These symptoms of alcoholic intoxication are mentioned in the DUI arrest form. The officer has to check off and confirm that you have revealed these signs. However, a skilled DUI attorney will protect you against charges by addressing the explanations and relevant signs. For example, you may have these symptoms when you have a cold, allergies, eye irritation, and fatigue.

Field Sobriety Tests cannot determine impairment accurately

If you are the alleged person in a DUI case, you need to take a Field Sobriety Test. In this scenario, you and your lawyer can challenge the test result to create a defense plan.

The prosecution team often relies on FSTs. The team members try to confirm that you have been guilty of driving a car under the influence.

An efficient lawyer can clarify how coordination and balance are affected by nerves, fatigue, and some other issues.

You can also claim that the FST result is not reliable. Furthermore, the officer who administers the test should undergo training. Moreover, the test conditions should be perfect. 

The arresting officer has violated the rules

It works as a powerful defense if the officer has not followed the procedures and rules properly. Also, there are some rules to safeguard you from misconduct. This factor is considered during the drunk driving case investigation. Besides, your attorney will claim a suppression hearing when the rules are not followed. 

Furthermore, the hearing helps you exclude evidence not obtained properly. The legal representative working on your case will try to find issues to safeguard you.

You have been mentally alert

It is another claim helping you to defend yourself. Officers try to find whether DUI suspects have shown any physical impairment signs.

According to professional DUI toxicologists, it is not usual for a drunken person to be physically impaired without mental impairment. A skilled DUI lawyer will prove that you have shown no mental impairment signs.

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