DUI in Subsequent Arrests


An arrest for a first driving under the influence charge in California is not nearly as serious as a subsequent charge. In fact, after your first charge, future ones carry stronger minimum penalties in license suspension and possible vehicle confiscation. However, you still have rights, and you need a DUI attorney who knows how to help you with your case.

Penalties for Additional DUI Charges

While a first DUI charge is often a misdemeanor, it still comes with some of the harshest penalties in the nation with a sentence of 96 hours to six months in county jail and fines up to $1,000.

You still want to fight this charge because the number of total “priors” that you’ve had stretches back ten years. Therefore, if you had a prior DUI charge nine years ago, and another today, you now face the harsher penalties for a second violation, which includes jail time between 90 days and one year and fines up to $5,000.

Penalties increase for each prior that you have, and if bodily harm occurred such as during an accident, you could face a felony, which carries more time in state prison. There are also separate penalties from the California DMV that affect how long you have your license suspended or confiscated.

Why You Need DUI Attorney to Help Defend You

The total time you face in jail or prison depends on your priors and the type of DUI involved. Orange County is highly conservative and takes a hard stance on crime. You need to have someone who can back you up in court and take the time to thoroughly evaluate your case. Steven K. Bloom is just such a defense attorney. Whether you are facing a first driving under the influence charge or a subsequent one, he has experience in helping people with these charges in court. Let him help you, too.

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