Facing Domestic Violence Charges? You Need an Orange County Defense Attorney to Help with Your Case

domestic violence charges

The legal system takes domestic violence charges very seriously, conferring onto the “victim” restraining orders and other benefits even before the accused goes to trial. In fact, charges of domestic violence can carry penalties from your first court date. Therefore, you need to have support throughout the legal process to get the representation you deserve.

Consequences of Domestic Violence Charges

Just being charged with domestic violence in Orange County comes with a criminal protective order that can come from the court regardless of the alleged victim’s request. This protective order can force you from your home and prohibit you from carrying a gun, even if the “victim” does not want it. If you work in the same place as the alleged victim, you may need to take time off or find another job, depending on how close you were in proximity during the course of your work duties. Another concern may be if you regularly carry a firearm for your work, such as working as a peace officer or security guard, you may need to find alternatives for your work. Any violation of a criminal protective order will result in an arrest.

Throughout the trial, you will have to find another place to live because you cannot contact the “victim.” If you have a conviction, the courts could extend the order to three years. Therefore, regardless of your innocence, you could still suffer from simply being charged with domestic violence.

Punishments for Convictions of Domestic Violence

Conviction of domestic violence prohibits you from owning or using a firearm for 10 years. Therefore, if you had a job as a police officer, member of the military, or security guard, you will need to find another line of work. In some cases, under federal law, the prohibition against owning or using firearms after a domestic violence conviction can be for life. Other effects of a domestic violence conviction include prison time and a strike on your record in three-strikes law cases.

How an Experienced Defense Attorney May Help If You Have Domestic Violence Charges

If you have domestic violence charges against you, you should have help from someone with experience in defending these types of cases. A highly qualified defense attorney may help to reduce charges from felonies to misdemeanors, which may help you to avoid a strike on your record. They can also provide you with guidance throughout the legal process. Such an attorney is Steven K. Bloom, an Orange County defense lawyer who has defended people with domestic violence and other criminal charges for decades. Request his expertise to help with your case.

Get Legal Support for Your Orange County Domestic Violence Case

Domestic violence charges before conviction carry a potentially heavy burden. Therefore, you need someone to go with you to court to provide your case with a sound legal defense. Steven K. Bloom has worked with people charged with domestic violence in Orange County for decades. His experience in these types of cases can ensure that you have quality representation in court. Contact the Law Office of Steven K. Bloom to get a free evaluation of your domestic violence case.





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