Is Petty Theft a Three Strikes Offense in California?

petty theft

Knowing about three strikes offenses is important, especially if you face new charges. Petty theft is not a three strikes offense. However, if you have any of these strikes on your record, you could face serious repercussions on your theft charge. You will need a skilled theft lawyer in Orange County who also knows about the consequences of having strikes on your record to help you with your case.

How Can Three Strikes Convictions Affect a Petty Theft Case?

Petty theft is a crime in which the prosecutor asserts that the accused stole less than $950 worth of goods, per penal code 488. In most instances, this type of crime is a misdemeanor with a maximum jail time of six months or a fine of no more than $1000.

However, in some cases, this type of theft may be a felony charge. Felony theft comes with a maximum of three years in prison, unless the charge happened to someone with Three Strikes convictions on their record. If it is a felony charge, former three strikes convictions could potentially double the maximum sentence. Having good legal advice is crucial during this time to avoid lengthy prison sentences.

Why Would Petty Theft Be a Felony?

Petty theft might be a felony if the individual had a former conviction for this type of theft or stole a firearm. A felony charge is much more serious than a misdemeanor one, with longer sentences in the state prison instead of a local jail and higher potential fines. A good defense attorney may be able to negotiate for a misdemeanor charge instead of a felony charge in some petty theft cases, which could reduce the total sentence and avoid the impact of three strikes convictions on the punishment.

Are There Theft Crimes that Are Three Strikes Crimes?

While petty theft is not among the three strikes crimes, there are theft crimes that do fall into this category. Generally, these are crimes such as serious or violent felonies. Residential burglary, robbery, bank robbery, and any felony theft in which a firearm was used. Even if convictions for these types of three strikes crimes occurred outside California, the consequences carry over. Anyone with three strikes convictions on their record must get legal help for any future charges to potentially avoid increasing their sentences for added felony convitions.

Find Support and Legal Help from The Law Office of Steven K. Bloom

If you have a petty theft charge, regardless of if you have three strikes offenses, you need a defender who can help you with appropriate legal advice specific to your case. Contact The Law Office of Steven K. Bloom for a defense lawyer in Orange County who will take the time to fully understand you and your case. Steven Bloom has experience with both theft and three strikes casesand can give you sound legal counsel. You deserve someone with the experience and expertise of Steven K. Bloom.



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