Juvenile Delinquency: How does it occur?

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How Does Juvenile Delinquency Occur?

There are several reasons for juvenile delinquency in pre-adolescent and adolescent children. It occurs due to physical, social, mental, and emotional problems that an adolescent experiences. Adolescents can go through different kinds of problems in their lives, or it can be their family who has experienced the latter. To know more, we will look into why juvenile delinquency occurs.

How does Juvenile Delinquency occur?

1. Abnormalities in Development

Genetic abnormalities or developmental issues are one of the main reasons behind juvenile delinquency. Children who have some developmental problems require encouragement and positive motivation to develop into healthy individuals. They also require a platform where they can know how to deal with the issues they face. With positive influence, they can become healthy and happy; otherwise, they will put out their frustrations on society in some way or the other. 

2. Physical diseases

Diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart problems, and kidney problems can affect the mental health as well as the physical health of the child. As a result, frustration can occur, leading the child to get refuge in delinquency. If the child gets good care from teachers, parents, and caregivers, they can overcome their low feelings and frustration. He can turn into a responsible and positive citizen. At times, children hear bad things about their obesity from society that can be genetic, which is why they do not have any control over their bodies.

3. Domestic violence

One of the most pressing reasons for juvenile delinquency is domestic violence. The child often learns things at home and determines what kind of a person they want to grow into. If the only thing that they encounter is violence, they become violent themselves. In most cases, children do not understand their experience of violence and how to guard themselves against it. This may make them commit some petty criminal activities, including that of violating traffic rules and shoplifting. Other children can also reflect their rage through bigger crimes that cause a greater amount of harm. Children may also take the anger out that they experience at home with others.


4. Absence of moral guidance

The absence of any parent or a guardian can cause a rise in Juvenile crimes. Most juvenile crimes are done by children who have parents who neglect their child and have their own set of mental health issues. Nurturing happens when the parent teaches their child the differences between wrong and right. If the parent is emotionally unavailable or absent, the child will take certain wrong decisions.

Media also plays a key role in the rise of juvenile crimes. When there is a lack of supervision from the parent, the child gets exposure to all kinds of content they may want to model. Therefore, these kinds of children are more inclined towards exciting things without taking into consideration the consequences.

5. Schooling

Some children have problems in school, whether related to some attendance issues or problems with learning can cause a higher incidence of crimes. School is more than a place of learning. The objective of schooling is also to provide a structured atmosphere that tells children how to function within some guidelines. 

Going to a classroom for a certain amount of time or needing to come at a specific time teaches children responsibility. Good attendance, along with ensuring compliance with the rules, is important for them to learn the importance of decision-making.

If the child faces learning problems, they must be addressed, so they do not feel negative about themselves. Children who experience difficulties in school feel a lack of belonging, due to which they become hostile toward the other kids. The children who commit crimes feel like an outcast at their school.

6. Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse can have a negative impact on an entire unit of the family. If a close relative, parent, or sibling has a problem with substance abuse, the child can develop that problem themselves or suffer from other kinds of abuse by the person who is an addict. Substance abuse, therefore, affects the child in different ways.

Children who suffer from addictions can try to earn money to fix things or steal. They may also seek money from their loved ones who have addiction problems. Parents who are addicted often fail to provide their children with the right amount of nourishment, which can make the latter steal for food. 

7. Peer pressure

Like neighborhood pressure, children can also experience peer pressure from their acquaintances, which can modify how they react to certain bad situations. If all their peers are committing delinquent acts, the child may feel like doing the same.

To avoid such situations, parents must monitor with whom their child is spending their time. This will help them to protect their child against bad influences.

8. Socioeconomic factors

Juvenile delinquency is most common in poor neighborhoods. Though not all neighborhoods are not without delinquent activities, they are more likely to occur in places where they feel the need to commit crimes to prosper.

Similar crimes related to theft can actually be a necessity and not some petty crime. The only way to prevent such kinds of crimes from occurring is to ensure that the children in these areas have what they need to grow ahead in their life without committing crimes.


There can be instances of juvenile delinquency when there is an absence of moral guidance at home. At the same time, peer pressure can make children commit certain crimes. Parents need to keep their children away from bad influences, and schools must provide them with learning ways of life. If the child experiences violence at home, they will have more inclination to commit criminal activities or to take their anger out on others. Moreover, children from poor neighborhoods commit crimes for their survival, like petty thefts, shoplifting, etc. For crimes related to juveniles, one can reach out to skbesq.com to get the right help that they need.




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