Juvenile Dependancy

The National Award-Winning Orange County Juvenile Dependency Defense Attorney, Steven K. Bloom, has personally handled THOUSANDS of Juvenile Dependency cases in Southern California since 1998. Juvenile Dependency cases involve Social Workers from Child Protective Services (CPS) and are often referred to as WIC (Welfare and Institutions Code) 300 cases.

Juvenile Dependency Law is extremely specialized and different from any other type of law.  Juvenile Dependency cases are, simplistically, when the Department of Child and Family Services, aka CPS or DCFS, takes custody of your children and removes them from the home of their parents.  A Social Worker can justify doing this by stating allegations of neglect or abuse.  First, Social Workers usually investigate the allegations and do a “risk assessment” to determine if your child is considered to be “at substantial risk of detriment” and needs to be removed from the home. These allegations can run from physical discipline and abuse to sexual abuse, as well as domestic violence or drug use in the home, general neglect and just having a child with emotional issues that need professional psychological/psychiatric services that can only be provided by the county.

Juvenile Dependency Law is universally considered to be a completely frustrating experience that leaves the entire family feeling helpless.  If not handled by a highly skilled dependency lawyer with years of experience specifically in Juvenile Dependency Law, it could result in your children being permanently held in foster homes, or worse, the permanent termination of your parental rights and the placement of your children up from adoption.

Most lawyers do not, and are unqualified to, practice Dependency Law! Do not make the mistake of hiring just any attorney. The lawyer that did your cousin’s divorce, or helped get your aunt’s Green Card, should not be handling a dependency case unless they have handled hundreds of these cases in the past!

juvenile dependency

Orange County Juvenile Dependency Lawyer, Steven K. Bloom, has been putting families back together since 1998.  There is an absolute winning approach that needs to be taken in these cases to obtain the best results that most people are unaware of, or that you won’t get due to you being represented by a Public Defender that is overwhelmed with cases. If you find yourself, or a loved one, in this situation, contact us and I will help you beat the system and reunify your family.

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