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DUI charge

There are several facts that you need to know about DUI in California. Understanding these may help you if you receive a DUI charge that you want to fight in court. While these facts only offer general information, you should consult with a DUI lawyer like Steven K. Bloom for an evaluation and answers to questions about your personal case.

A DUI Charge May Not Mean That You Had a High BAC

In California, drivers often receive two DUI charges, depending on how high their blood alcohol content (BAC) is. The state can charge for driving under the influence under one of several sections of Vehicle Code 23152 if you have failed a field sobriety test, regardless of your BAC. Therefore, using substances such as alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, or illegal drugs could get you a DUI without having a BAC of 0.08.

Commercial drivers have a lower BAC threshold for getting a DUI. If you drive for a passenger ride service or a commercial vehicle, a blood alcohol level of 0.04 percent is enough to get a charge of DUI.

Even a DUI Arrest Can Affect You

Did you know that anyone in California arrested of DUI must have their license revoked? If the offense is your first, the suspension lasts for four months. However, it increases based on prior DUI arrests that you have had. A second offense can lead to a one-year suspension. These penalties happen independently of court rulings. However, a conviction can increase the time that you cannot drive.

DUIs Can Impact You Years Later

After your arrest, the Department of Motor Vehicles will increase the license suspension upon conviction. First-time offenders may have their driving privileges suspended for up to 10 months. Repeat offenders may have their licenses suspended for a minimum of two years for incidents without injury up to a five-year revocation for convictions that included injuries.

Repeated DUIs are based on the number of convictions within the last ten years. Therefore, even if you had one bad time in your early 20s, getting convicted of DUI at 30 will come with much harsher penalties due to the prior event.

Get the Help You Need from DUI Defense Attorney Steven K. Bloom

Having a DUI charge means that you need someone to defend you in court and help you through the legal process. Contact defense attorney Steven K. Bloom for a free evaluation of your case. You shouldn’t be alone in this process. Get help from a legal partner with experience in DUI cases, Steven K. Bloom.


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