Look for in A Theft Lawyer


An arrest and charge with a theft crime means that you must take action to find someone to represent you in court. Depending on the charges, you could face a years-long sentence. Having good representation means that you will have someone in your corner fighting for you.


A good theft lawyer should have experience defending people in court on theft charges. For example, Steven K. Bloom has had his own law firm since 2005. Before that, he worked in various other law firms as an associate attorney for eight years, learning from other lawyers with decades of experience.

Among those experiences was a stint from 2001 to 2005 at a large criminal defense firm. While there, he learned about the techniques and skills necessary to ensure that his clients have the best attention given to their cases and to do provide his expertise to make a difference in the cases he took.

Knowledge of California Law

Each state has its own laws governing how it treats various crimes. Therefore, you want a theft lawyer who has experience and knowledge of California law. Steven K. Bloom was born in Inglewood and raised in Hacienda Heights. Today, he remains a California resident with associations or memberships with the following local legal groups:

  • California Bar Association
  • Orange County Bar Association
  • American Bar Association
  • North Orange County Bar Association
  • Los Angeles Bar Association
  • North Orange County Bar Panel

Willingness to Make a Difference

Your defense attorney should be willing to make a difference in your case through appropriate, mindful handling of it and giving sound legal advice. Steven K. Bloom has worked with numerous theft cases, giving each individual case careful attention. His work has made a difference in many cases that he has worked on, and he would like to help others charged with theft to defend themselves in court.

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Because every legal case is different, you will first need an evaluation of your charges. Contact Steven K. Bloom today for a free case evaluation as your first step toward finding a theft lawyer to help you.


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