Marijuana DUI

What is a Marijuana DUI?

A marijuana DUI is defined as driving under the influence of marijuana. It’s similar to an alcohol DUI in that you can be arrested for driving under the influence of any substance that impairs your ability to operate a vehicle safely. However, there are some key differences between a marijuana DUI and an alcohol-related charge:

The amount of THC in your system doesn’t determine whether or not you’re guilty of driving under its influence; instead, it’s determined by how much impairment there was at the time of arrest. This means that even if someone has used marijuana recently but isn’t currently impaired by it, they could still face criminal charges if there was enough evidence that they were impaired when pulled over or arrested by police officers on scene (i.e., slurred speech).
In California–and most states across America–there are no legal limits when it comes to blood alcohol content (BAC) levels; however, there are strict laws regarding how much THC can be found within one’s system before being considered “under” rather than “over.”

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What are the Legal Limits for Marijuana DUI?

  • You can be charged with a marijuana DUI if your blood contains more than 5 nanograms of active THC.
  • The legal limit for marijuana in your urine is 50 ng/ml.
  • The amount of time it takes for THC to leave your system depends on many factors, including how often you use cannabis and how much you consume.

What are the Penalties for a Marijuana DUI?

If you are convicted of a marijuana DUI, the penalties can be severe. You may be required to pay fines and serve jail time. Your license could also be suspended for up to 6 months or longer depending on how many prior offenses you have committed in the past 10 years.
In addition to these penalties, if you were driving under the influence of marijuana at the time that your blood alcohol content (BAC) was 0.08% or higher–or if it was determined that your ability to drive safely was impaired by other drugs including prescription medications such as opioids–then there will likely be additional consequences:

How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help?

If you’ve been charged with a marijuana DUI, it’s important to understand the charges against you. A criminal defense attorney can help by reviewing your case and filing motions on your behalf. Your attorney may also negotiate a plea deal with prosecutors if they feel that this is in your best interest.

The Law Offices of Steven K Bloom: OC’s Best Defense
When you are facing a marijuana DUI charge, it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side. The Law Offices of Steven K Bloom has been representing clients in Orange County for over 30 years and has extensive experience defending clients against these types of charges. Our attorneys understand California law and can help you build a strong defense against your charges. We will work closely with you throughout the process so that we can develop an effective strategy for fighting back against these allegations.

We offer personalized representation from start to finish, which means we will meet with you personally before going forward with any case or motion related matters so that we can get acquainted with each other and learn about what happened during the arrest process. This allows us to better represent our clients’ interests by understanding their unique situations as well as helping them feel comfortable working together towards achieving positive results throughout this difficult time period.”

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The Benefits of Working with The Law Offices of Steven K Bloom

At The Law Offices of Steven K Bloom, we’re dedicated to helping you get the best possible outcome in your DUI case. You can count on us for:

Compassionate and experienced attorneys who will fight for you every step of the way
Affordable fees that won’t break your bank account
Proven results that have helped many clients avoid jail time or other serious consequences

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If you have been charged with a marijuana DUI, it is important that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The Law Offices of Steven K Bloom are dedicated to helping clients obtain the best possible outcome in their case, whether through negotiation or litigation. We understand how stressful this situation can be for our clients and will work tirelessly on their behalf until they receive the justice they deserve.

Client Testimonials

I am So Happy that I hired Attorney, Steve Bloom, to help me with my DUI case. He is Very Professional, Hard working and Extremely Knowledgeable & Very Attention to details. I was scared and worried and he immediately made me feel at ease. Then, over the next number of months, he lived up to everything he said to me over the phone and at our initial consultation. He was able to get many allegations dismissed in court and even won my DMV Hearing, which saved me from having my licensed suspended for 1 year! He is worth every penny I paid him and more. I will give him 5 plus Stars, I definitely will refer anyone who need his help to him .
Jonatan P
Jonatan P
Mr.Bloom is an amazing lawyer, he was optimistic in getting my case dismissed. He was very communicative and responsive, every time I called he picked up and helped me with any questions I had. He is honest, a man of his word, I would recommend his services to anyone looking for an attorney you won’t regret it. I was VERY satisfied with the outcome of my case.
Derek Coloma
Derek Coloma
Mr.Bloom has been our family lawyer for over 10 years now. Our family can not show him enough gratitude for what he’s done for us over the years. He’s represented me on several different occasions and if it wasn’t for him, my life would be in a different place rite now. During the worst of times, he went the extra mile to assure me things would be okay. Mr. Bloom has earned my upmost respect and trust. Best defensive lawyer in OC!
Monica Gutierrez
Monica Gutierrez
I’m Monica and I recently hired Steven to work on my case. I did my research and came to the conclusion that he’s the best attorney in Orange County. He has 20 years of experience and is well known online and in person as the best attorney in Orange County. He worked with me and helped with words of advice and calming personality. He always communicated with me and gave me all the details of my case. He’s literally the best attorney from my experience. I had VERY positive results with my case and I would definitely return to Steven if I need help. I highly recommend him he’s helpful, knowledgeable, experienced, communicative, and works hard to really help people. Highly recommend him. Thank you Steven.
Susette Olivares
Susette Olivares
I found Steven Bloom on Avvo. I had never needed an attorney so I did not know what I was supposed to be looking for. After calling other attorneys and getting different quotes I almost went with the cheapest but then I called Steven and I'm glad I did. He was so reassuring and walked me through the process. He made sure I got what I asked for and was even able to check with his colleague that my case wouldn't interfere with other legal things I have going on. I will definitely recommend him to friends and family, Thank you Steven!
Steve went above and beyond in helping me resolve a petty theft case. For someone who had never had any run-ins with the law before, the entire process of going to court and retaining an attorney was all new and very frightening. I researched several different attorneys before settling on Steve because he was the only one who really acknowledged my concerns when I described my case to him over the phone. During the consultation, he laid out his game plan and explained exactly how he would tackle my case, and hearing him say that it was very likely that he could resolve was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. In the end, he was able to get my case dismissed with NO guilty plea, and thus, no conviction on my record. I would highly, highly recommend him to anyone in the OC area looking for a defense attorney, whatever your situation. He is incredibly competent and has so much professional experience, but above all that, his kindness and authenticity are the real deal. He really listens to you and makes you feel at ease despite everything. I can't recommend him enough and I'm so glad I retained him for my case. Thank you so much, Steve.
William Lee
William Lee
Steve helped me and my family resolve a DUI case involving several serious charges. Before hiring him, we spoke to a family friend in the Orange County Sheriff's Department who recommended that we prioritize looking for a lawyer who is not only well established in OC but also has extensive experience with the court handling our case, North Justice Court. After interviewing several lawyers around the area, Steve became the clear choice as he is extremely knowledgable about the various judges, prosecutors, and clerks at North Justice and also has many personal connections with those people. The case itself was not easy and a very difficult and exasperating process, but Steve had a very well thought out game plan and was able to execute it while doing his best to keep us reassured the entire way. We are happy with the results that included reduced charges and a significant reduction in fines.
Wil R
Wil R
His honesty and beyond fair price was the first reason I hired Steven K Bloom. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I quickly realized that he is well known and respected in the Orange County Court System. He handled my case very professionally, and he kept me feeling confident through my entire case. At the end of my case all charges against me were dropped. I feel confident in saying, if I had hired some other attorney, the results would not have been the same. He went above and beyond the call of duty for me. If you want the best defense that you can possibly have, I highly recommend Steven K Bloom. Thank you again Steve, I am very grateful for your services

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