Minimizing Charges With a Domestic Violence Attorney

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A Domestic Violence Attorney helps Minimizing Domestic Violence Charges 


Are you wondering how to minimize the domestic violence charges against you? A domestic violence attorney helps you handle the domestic violence charges, and you may even get a no-jail sentence. The lawyers in California are well-familiar with US criminal law, and it gives you confidence in real-time. It helps you avoid harassment in court, and you can live life once again. The lawyer will provide legal assistance, giving you the poise to deal with domestic violence charges.

Things to Consider While Hiring a Domestic Violence Attorney


Before you hire a domestic violence attorney, you need to consider a few things which are:

Consider the Experience

First, you must consider the attorney’s experience and ensure that the lawyer handles the case efficiently. It’s good to go through the status of the previous works; thus, you will feel confident to hire a lawyer. It’s good to have a detailed conversation with the lawyer that gives you an idea of how the person works. 

Consider the Lawyer’s Availability

Make sure that the lawyer is easily available. Thus, it becomes easy to speak to the attorney in an emergency. It aids you in handling the difficulties, and it’s time to lead a better life. Also, the lawyer must be available to communicate via email or phone calls. And also you may arrange personal meetings that give you the best experience.

Check the Online Reviews

Next, you may check the online reviews that give you an idea of the attorneys’ reputation. Also, you may ask for referrals and find it easy to choose a domestic violence lawyer. Also, you can check the lawyer’s website; it aids you in finding more information about the person. The website features contact details, consultation fees, etc., making it easy to choose the best lawyer. Once you hire a domestic violence lawyer, you will feel confident to fight the case in court.

Find a Certified Lawyer

Before you hire a lawyer in California, it’s important to check the certificate. Ensure that the attorney has a valid certificate, and thus the lawyer can easily access the courtroom. Board certification certifies the lawyer and the person knows how to deal with domestic violence cases. The State Bar of California comes up with the Board Certificate, which makes the lawyer eligible to deal with court cases.

Consider the Cost

The cost of hiring a lawyer is another important thing to consider. The cost depends on the level of complexity and the time. Lawyers may charge an hourly rate, or you may even hire a lawyer with a fixed rate. And the lawyer may charge some additional fees like expert witness fees, court filing fees, etc. Ensure that the fee won’t include hidden charges, and you can hire a lawyer with affordable charges.


It’s time to make the final decision, and you must know the charges you are facing. It helps the lawyer to handle the case properly, and thus you will stay away from a jail sentence.

Get Familiar with the California Domestic Violence Law

The domestic violence lawyer needs to be familiar with California domestic violence law. The most common domestic violence crimes are Penal code 273.5, corporal injury to your partner, Penal Code 243(e)(1) Domestic Battery. Apart from these, child abuse is another common domestic violence crime. The lawyer needs to know how to deal with these cases; thus, you will explore life free from domestic violence charges. The attorney either makes you free from the charges or reduces the severity. The lawyer needs to know how to present the case in court, making it easy to get rid of the charges. 

Get Rid of False Charges

Sometimes, you may face false domestic violence charges that make life miserable. You need to seek the help of an expert domestic violence lawyer who comes up with feasible solutions. The lawyer knows how to deal with false charges, and thus you will find it easy to explore life again. Once you find a good lawyer, you will get relief, and it’s time to learn the benefits of hiring an expert domestic violence attorney. So, you can deal with an abusive relationship, and life becomes easier. 

Improves your Way of Life

A lawyer helps improve the relationship with your spouse or partner. The lawyer helps you handle the case successfully, and you may gain your partner’s trust again. Thus, life brings another chance, and you will see how a domestic violence lawyer plays an important role. 


A lawyer helps you get your kid’s custody, which helps you to help your child grow well. It’s time to learn how the attorney will deal with the case, and once you are satisfied, you can hire the person. Thus, you will comprehend how a lawyer helps you handle domestic violence charges. 

Defenses to Domestic Violence Charges

The lawyer helps you learn the possible defenses that make it easy to fight the case. The defense strategies are:


Accidental Harm

A spouse or partner may cause harm accidentally. The lawyer will present the case as you had no intention to cause harm, and it was an accident. It’s one of the best defense strategies, and the attorney knows how to reduce the severity of the charges. 

Self Defense

Here the lawyer will state that an injury is an act of self-defense. You may injure your spouse or partner if you are about to get assaulted. It minimizes the severity of domestic violence charges you are facing. Your lawyer will show witnesses clearly stating you have protected yourself from the assault. 


It is another good way to get rid of domestic violence charges. Your lawyer will prove that you were not present at the crime scene, and thus it becomes easy to establish an alibi.

So, you get a clear view of how a domestic violence attorney helps you minimize domestic violence charges. It’s important to know that the attorney has ample expertise and knows how to deal with the judges and other court members. The Law Office of Steven K. Bloom helps you get the best solutions against domestic violence. 

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