Misdemeanor Defendant

Misdemeanor defendant

Court backlogs and overcrowded jails in California prompted the passing of various laws recently to help reduce the problems. These new laws are good news for anyone charged with a misdemeanor. With new bills signed into law, a misdemeanor defendant has new options in their defense, and a well-practiced lawyer can help wade through the new laws.

Assembly Bill 1950

Signed in 2020 and enacted in 2021, Assembly Bill 1950 makes amendments to the penal code that could benefit those with misdemeanor charges. This bill reduces the maximum probations for certain misdemeanor crimes to no more than one year instead of three years. Felony crimes would have probations of no more than two years. The law does have limits on the crimes that it applies to. For example, it does not apply to violent crimes or three-strike offenses.

How Does Assembly Bill 1950 Help a Misdemeanor Defendant?

A misdemeanor defendant must discuss their case with a lawyer to see if AB1950 or any other new laws can benefit them. If this new law applies, the defendant may look forward to less probation time than those convicted before this law’s passage.

Are There Other Options for a Misdemeanor Defendant?

A misdemeanor defendant may also have other options for their defense, including dismissal of their case through diversion. For example, Assembly Bill 3234 adds the provision to allow judges to divert misdemeanor defendant’s cases at their discretion. Like AB1950, AB3234 also passed in 2020 with application for cases from January 1, 2021, forward.


As with everything, each individual case has specifics that will require individualized attention from a lawyer. Consulting with a qualified lawyer with experience in criminal defense can ensure that an individual knows about the available options they have.


Are You a Misdemeanor Defendant in Orange County? Contact Steven K. Bloom for Help with Your Case

If you have a misdemeanor charge and are in Orange County, contact Steven K. Bloom for assistance. He has experience in defending different types of crimes, both misdemeanors and felonies. Over his career, he has worked hard to help those he defends. Reach out to see if he can help you as a misdemeanor defendant.


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