Misdemeanor Petty Theft Charges

misdemeanor petty theft

When facing a misdemeanor petty theft charge, individuals have a new option for their cases in California. The Assembly Bill 3234, signed at the end of 2020 by the governor, permits new options to have cases dismissed. Steven K. Bloom keeps track of the latest changes in the law, such as this, to ensure that his clients know all the possibilities for their cases.


What Is Assembly Bill 3234?

Assembly Bill 3234 adds to the penal code an option for the judge to offer a defendant diversion for a misdemeanor crime. The aim of this bill is to reduce overpopulation in jails by giving those charged with minor crimes other alternatives. However, the defendant must meet all the requests of the court, and the judge and prosecution must both agree to extend the offer of diversion to the defendant.


How Does This Bill Affect Misdemeanor Petty Theft?

Individuals who go to court for misdemeanor petty theft charges may not have to spend time in jail if the judge chooses to enact his option approved by Assembly Bill 3234. The judge will determine the terms and conditions that the defendant must meet to fulfill the requirements of diversion. Upon successful completion of the terms, the defendant has a clean slate by having the arrest erased from their record.


What Is Diversion?

Diversion allows the arrest for the crime to disappear from the defendant’s record and for the individual to avoid jail. However, there are several requirements under Assembly Bill 3234 for an individual to get diversion for their case.


The judge holds the discretion to offer diversion for someone charged with misdemeanor petty theft. If they choose to extend this offer, the defendant must pay restitution. However, financial inability to pay restitution charges does not count when examining the defendant’s completion of the court’s required steps. Other steps will depend on the court’s requests. The defendant may need to do community service or otherwise comply with court orders.


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