Post Conviction

Post Conviction

There are many issues that arise after someone has pled, or been found guilty in court, that require an experienced attorney. Many times people are not able to meet the previous orders of the court and require sentence modifications or extensions in time for them to fulfill their obligations. It is always better to retain an seasoned criminal defense attorney, especially in conservative Orange County, to go in for you to request sentence modifications or extensions. Most people are not able to successfully articulate what has caused them not to meet their obligations, or why they need a modification, and quite often make matters worse on themselves by angering a Judge who can find you in violation of probation and increase your punishment.

An outstanding post conviction lawyer like Steven K. Bloom, knows each and every Judge in Orange County. In order to obtain your post conviction request, you have to know your audience and how to persuade them. Many Judges dislike people making excuses and if you come across like you are just making excuses, it will not go well with the Judge. Other Judges are more compassionate but have other strong views that you want to avoid. Attorney Steven Bloom knows what motivates each Judge and know what, and what not, to say to get the results you wish to achieve on your post conviction issue.


Expungements fall under Penal Code Section 1203.4 and, if granted, will result in the court vacating your conviction and dismissing your case. The Judge must find that the individual has successfully completed probation, or had probation terminated early, has met all his court obligations and has remained crime free during that time. The expunging of ones record can be a very valuable tool in most cases, as it will legally allow you to declare that you were not convicted of said crime upon filing an application for most everyday jobs. Attorney Steven K. Bloom has successfully filed and had granted countless expungements for all types of cases.


Warrants are issued by the court for many reasons. Often times, the court will issue a warrant for individuals that fail to appear at their court date, or fail meet an order of the court, such as miss a payment to the court. When these types of things occur, the court will issue a “Bench Warrant.” If an individual is found by the police to have a bench warrant, the police will take them into custody and house them in their local jail until they transport them to court to address the court.

In order to have a “bench warrant” cleared. The individual, or an attorney retained by the individual, must go to the court issuing the bench warrant and have the clerk send the case to the Duty Judge. The Duty Judge will listen to why the individual was in violation of the court order which caused the warrant to be issued and usually adds on more punishment as a result.

Unless you have years of experience, it is never a good idea to walk into court without excellent legal representation. People go to court with the best of intentions, but then the Judge will ask them a question that they unknowingly answer incorrectly and make matters worse for them. Your freedom is worth hiring an experienced lawyer like Steven Bloom, and knowing things will get done right.