Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rely on the Court-Appointed Public Defender for Your Case

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A public defender, also known as court-appointed attorneys, are qualified lawyers. However, they may not be the best solution for defending everyone’s case, especially for those may have complex cases. In fact, a public defender might not be your best option for legal counsel for some of the following reasons:

They Have an Overwhelming Caseload

Public defenders are hardworking public servants. They handle numerous cases for the courts, both felony and misdemeanors. Often, their caseloads are full, making it difficult for them to dedicate time to examining each case from multiple angles to identify the most effective defense tactics to take.

You Won’t Know the Expertise or Skill of Your Attorney

All public defenders are real, qualified lawyers. They choose to represent people who cannot afford lawyers. However, you will not know which lawyer you get or their experience in cases like yours if you rely on the court-appointed attorney.

Steven K. Bloom has practiced defense law in Orange County for years. He has helped support innumerable people in their days in court. Let him offer his experience and expertise in many types of criminal defense law to your case.

You May Still Have to Pay for a Public Defender

Contrary to some beliefs, public defenders are not always free. Their availability is based on the financial state of the defendant. After the case ends, the judge will conduct an assessment of the defendant’s ability to pay. If the judge deems that the individual has enough money, they will require the defendant to pay for all or part of the cost of the public defender, depending on finances. Those unable to afford the attorney will still not have to pay.

Therefore, if you have the means to pay for a lawyer, you will either pay for a public defender or one whom you choose. Wouldn’t you rather make the choice of who you will have represent you in court?  

Trust Your Case to an Experienced Orange County Defense Attorney

Your freedom could hinge upon the defense you get in court. While public defenders are competent at what they do, they lack the time and flexibility for special situations. Contact the Law Office of Steven K. Bloom, instead. With decades of helping to defend clients in criminal cases, he has the knowledge and experience to provide you with legal counsel for your case. You deserve to have a defense attorney who can take the time to fully evaluate your case and help you with your particular situation.


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