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reduce probation

Starting with cases in 2021, defendants could see shorter probation sentences in California. This new law that went into effect on January 1, 2021, hopes to reform probation and reduce the number of people in the system. If you have a charge and face a trial, you need to find a lawyer well-versed in even the latest laws to find out how to reduce probation.


What Is the New Law to Reduce Probation?

The new law to reduce probation is Assembly Bill 1950 (AB1950). This law does not reduce existing sentences. However, it puts caps on the length of probation a defendant can receive for either a misdemeanor or a felony charge. Therefore, if you have already been convicted of a crime, you will need to talk to a lawyer about other options.

How Does AB1950 Work?

AB1950 puts a maximum probation sentence for misdemeanor crimes at one year when a judge decides to suspend a sentence and choose probation. Felony crimes have probation caps of two years. Of course, these limits only apply to certain cases. For instance, some violent crimes may not fall under this law. This new law greatly reduces the maximum time for probation sentences.


Does AB1950 Apply to Everyone?

Not everyone will meet the requirements for AB1950 to apply to their case. There are exceptions and the suspension of a sentence and making probation are up to the judge’s discretion. For any questions regarding the specifics of your case, talk to a lawyer who knows the details of your situation.


Get Help with Your Case from an Orange County Lawyer Who Will Work Hard for You to Reduce Probation or Otherwise Help You

If you have been charged with a crime and are in Orange County, you should get help from a professional in the field with years of work defending people. You need Steven K. Bloom. He will evaluate your case and do what he can to help. Over his years of experience, he has worked with domestic violence cases, DUIs, theft, drug crimes, and many more. When you have a charge, you need someone to help you. If you would like help from the Law Offices of Steven K. Bloom contact us online by filling out our form or phone our office at 714-680-0311.


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