The Importance of a Good Defense Lawyer for Three Strikes Cases

three strikes

The state of California charges some crimes under its three strikes law. Whether your case falls under this law can determine the potential punishments for the current case and future charges. A good defense lawyer can help you to understand the gravity of one of these charges. Additionally, you will receive quality representation and handling of your case that you deserve.

What Are Three Strikes Charges and Why Do They Matter?

The three strikes law dates back to 1994. Originally, the law had the intention of removing violent offenders from the streets by increasing mandatory minimum sentences for subsequent convictions. However, this law has backfired and sent people to prison for life for minor convictions if they had two prior felony convictions. In 2012, the state changed the law to only include violent or serious felonies among the three strikes. But, charges under this law are still very serious.

Examples of crimes that fall under this law may include the following:

  • Robberies
  • Murders
  • Sexual assault
  • Residential burglary
  • Arson
  • Any crime in which a weapon was involved

Potential Punishments for Three Strikes Convictions 

The three strikes law counts each felony conviction against the defendant when determining the sentence. For instance, prison sentences for conviction of a second serious or violent felony must be at least twice as long compared to someone without prior convictions. A third strike raises the potential sentence to 25 years to life.

Defense of a Three Strikes Charge 

A defense attorney must carefully examine the case to determine the best legal advice to give their client. Every case is different, but a good defense attorney versed in defending those with prior felonies will look at your case from all possible angles to help you find the best defense. Always talk to your lawyer one-on-one to get individualized information about your case and how your attorney will approach it.

While acquittal is always the most preferable outcome, defense attorneys also look at contingencies to help their clients when the trial results in a conviction. For instance, they may seek a Romero motion to request the judge to dismiss other priors when considering sentencing.

Get the Defense You Deserve and Contact the Law Office of Steven K. Bloom When You Receive a Three Strikes Charge

A three strikes charge does not automatically mean that you will be convicted. However, these cases require careful handling to reduce the chances of conviction or of maintaining the severity of the charges. You deserve a defense attorney who will take the time to evaluate your case thoroughly and give you the best possible legal advice and defense. If you were charged in Orange County, contact Steve K. Bloom for an assessment of your case and to find out more about requesting his aid in your three strikes case.





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