The Importance of a Qualified Juvenile Dependency Law Attorney

juvenile dependency

In California, juvenile dependency cases can be difficult to go through. These types of cases can tear families apart. However, not all lawyers have the right qualifications to handle these delicate types of cases. You need to know what makes a lawyer a potential partner for you in these situations.

What Are Juvenile Dependency Cases?

Juvenile dependency cases involve situations governing who should have custody of a child, the legal guardians, parents, or Child Protective Services (CPS). Often, the child is removed from the home until the decision is made in court, which puts strain on everyone in the family. The court needs to decide whether the county can do a better job of raising the child than the parents or other guardians.

Why CPS Might Take a Child

Usually, before CPS takes a child, a social worker will assess the home situation to determine if CPS needs to take this move. Only allegations of neglect or other risks are necessary for a social worker to pay a visit. If the social worker thinks the situation falls into the numerous situations outlined in the Welfare and Institutions Code (WIC) 300 section, they may recommend CPS take custody. Therefore, these cases are often referred to as WIC 300 cases.

Qualifications of a Juvenile Dependency Attorney

Did you know that most lawyers do not have the necessary qualifications for WIC 300 cases? In fact, many lawyers do not take these types of cases because they lack the qualifications.

Steven K. Bloom is highly qualified as a lawyer in juvenile dependency cases. In fact, since 1998, he has worked with Orange County families facing these harrowing types of legal troubles. Unlike a public defender, Steven K. Bloom can take the time needed to hear you out and provide your case with a high level of care and attention.

His experience has helped him to bring families back together in many of the hundreds of these types of cases he’s handled over the years. Let him become your source for help in your case.

Contact the Law Office of Steven K. Bloom for Help with Juvenile Dependency Cases

If you are facing a juvenile dependency case, contact the Law Office of Steven K. Bloom for a free case evaluation. His experience with juvenile dependency law can help you to understand the situation and to provide you with a qualified partner in your case.





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