The Need for a Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

domestic violence defense

Domestic violence crimes vary from misdemeanors to felonies. In some cases, these can count as a strike toward the Three Strikes Law, which mandates stricter penalties. If you experience an accusation of domestic violence, you should have someone to help you with your defense.

What Counts as Domestic Violence Crimes?

Several types of crimes fall under domestic violence. These include any type of injury or threatened injury to a domestic partner. Child abuse or endangerment can also fall into this category. For instance, both the laws prohibiting physical injury to a child and injury to a spouse or cohabitant fall under Penal Code 270 through 275 in chapter 2. The former law is Penal Code 2173d while the latter is penal code 273.5. While California law permits spanking a child, it does not allow a child to have a visible injury from corporal punishment. These types of cases of corporal injury require a physical injury, such as a bruise, to occur on the injured party.

Domestic battery (Penal Code 243(e)(1)) does not require a visible mark from an alleged incident. Any type of unwanted touching can fall into this category, which comes with misdemeanor charges.

Child endangerment is another crime that puts a child at risk of injury is Penal Code 273a. This law can have misdemeanor or felony charges.

What Can Happen with a Conviction of a Domestic Violence Charge?

Conviction of a domestic violence charge can come with many life-altering complications. For instance, anyone convicted of this type of crime, even at a misdemeanor level, cannot own a firearm for ten years.

Secondly, some domestic violence charges will count toward the Three Strikes Law. These can stay on your record for years. So, you could face serious sentencing due to an accumulation of convictions.

How a Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer Can Help

Since a conviction carries such serious ramifications, you should trust a qualified domestic violence defense lawyer to help you. While you do have access to the public defender, they often have too many cases to pay the same attention to each that a private lawyer can. By knowing the specifics of domestic violence law in California, an experienced attorney can find the best defense to help your case.

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