Three Strikes Law

The National Award-Winning Orange County (Fullerton) 3 Strikes Defense Attorney, Steven K. Bloom, has represented clients charged of all serious felonies considered “Strikes.” He has handled hundreds of Strike Offenses (such as PC 245-Assault with a Deadly Weapon, PC 422- Terrorist Threats, PC 273.5-Felony Domestic Violence, and many more) in Orange County Courts with unparalleled results.

California’s “Three Strikes” law is aimed at taking people off the streets who have committed multiple felony offenses. A “Strike”, as defined under the California Penal Code, is one of a list of serious or violent felonies.

If you have a prior strike conviction on your record, you face being sent to prison for twice the length of time if convicted on ANY future felony. If you have two prior strike convictions, you face being sent to prison for 25 years to life if convicted on ANY future felony. This applies even to out-of-state convictions that are considered “strikes” here in Orange County, California, and strike convictions from many years ago.

For anyone facing a serious or violent felony, especially in conservative Orange County, you need an experienced Strike Offense Attorney. Not handling a case appropriately can have serious consequences now, and terrifying consequences in the future. The “Three Strikes” Law has and will continue, to imprison people for life in cases as simple as petty theft with priors. If strike crimes are handled with the skill of a seasoned Orange County lawyer, these things can be avoided. Therefore, it is vital to discuss your strike offense case with an attorney like Steven K. Bloom.

three strikes law

Orange County’s Premiere Strike Crime Attorney, Steven K. Bloom, has successfully handled strike offenses for many years. He has successfully argued and won, Romero Motions, to “strike a Strike” to avoid many clients’ sentences from being doubled or worse. He has also been successful in arguing 17b motions, to reduce a felony to a misdemeanor in cases where his clients have had two prior strikes, thus avoiding 25 to life prison sentences!

If you find yourself, or a loved one, facing a serious or violent felony charge that may result in a “strike” conviction. You need the help of an experienced Orange County Strike Crime lawyer.

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