Types of Drug Crimes

Drug Crimes

There are many types of drug crimes, and the type of sentence that you could face from them largely comes to the discretion of the judge or prosecutor. Because there are so many drug crimes with varying levels of severity in their sentences, you must have someone who can help you navigate the system, like Steven K. Bloom.

What Types of Drug Crimes Are There?

Drug crimes fall into different categories, based on whether you have the drugs on your person or have used them. These categories are:

  • Possession of drugs for personal use
  • Possession of controlled substances with intent to manufacture, sell, or transport
  • Under the influence of a drug or controlled substance

Clearly, it’s possible that you could have multiple charges. While being under the influence of a drug is only a misdemeanor, it has a minimum 90-day county jail sentence with a maximum of six months.

Whether a drug possession charge is a misdemeanor or felony depends on the type of drugs and the amount you had on your person. In conservative Orange County, these crimes most often carry a felony charge.

What Is the Difference Between Drug Possession for Personal Use and for Intent to Sell?

The distinction between possession for personal use and for intent to sell have drastically different penalties. Consequently, your attorney must know these differences and be prepared to look for any weaknesses in the case that could benefit you.

For instance, prosecutors or judges will look at whether the following were found when you were arrested for drug possession:

  • Amount of drugs
  • Large amounts of cash in small bills
  • Packaging materials or multiple packages of drugs
  • Items for personal drug use or a lack thereof
  • Meeting arrangements over cell phone calls or text messages
  • Accounting sheets outlining people who paid or owe

Does Who You Choose for a Drug Crimes Defense Attorney Really Matter? 

Who you have to defend you in court does matter. While you could have a public defender, they will likely not have the time available to look at every angle of your case. Steven K. Bloom gives every case exceptional attention and customizes his methods to each individual case. Therefore, you will get the personalized focus that your case deserves. It’s almost impossible to find such individual care from a public defender.

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