Types of Theft Crimes

theft crimes

Theft is not a single crime in California. The state identifies several types, and if you have a charge of one of these theft crimes, you should have a capable defense attorney at your side when you have your day in court. Find out more about the many types of theft crimes and some possible consequences of them.

Theft Crimes

Theft crimes typically have penalties and names based on the value of the money or goods stolen. For example, grand theft charges happen when the value of stolen property is equal to or greater than $950. Petty theft crimes cover smaller amounts. Petty theft with or without a prior conviction and grand theft all can be misdemeanor or felony charges. The maximum sentence depends on this charge. Felony charges for theft crimes carry longer maximum sentences.

Related to petty theft and grand theft is embezzlement, which may be considered a misdemeanor or felony based on the amount stolen. Embezzlement charges happen when someone trusted in a business is accused of stealing from the company.

Burglary Crimes

Burglary crimes involve breaking into a property to steal money or goods. Burglaries can be commercial, auto, or residential depending on the property. While auto and commercial burglaries can either be misdemeanors or felonies, residential burglary is always a felony and always counts as a strike.

Robbery Crimes

Robbery charges always are a strike against you and a felony. However, for this charge to result in a conviction, the prosecution must prove that the victim had property taken by force or fear. The prosecution could double your sentence with a conviction if they prove that you used a weapon. If they allege the use of a gun, your sentence automatically increases by ten years.

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