Under 18 and Caught Shoplifting? Here’s What You Need to Know

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If you’re under 18 and caught shoplifting, it can be a scary and overwhelming experience. Not only can it lead to criminal charges, but it can also have a lasting impact on your future. It’s important to understand the potential consequences and know what you can do to protect yourself.

First, it’s important to understand that shoplifting is a criminal offense. While laws vary by state, most consider shoplifting to be a form of theft, which can result in fines, community service, probation, and even jail time. Additionally, a shoplifting conviction can stay on your criminal record and affect your ability to get a job or housing in the future.

If you’re under 18, the consequences of a shoplifting conviction can be even more severe. Depending on the state, you may be charged as a juvenile or an adult. Juvenile offenses are typically handled in a separate court system and can result in fines, probation, and community service. However, if you’re charged as an adult, the consequences can be much more severe.

So, what should you do if you’re caught shoplifting under 18? First, it’s important to cooperate with law enforcement and store personnel. Being uncooperative or disrespectful can only make the situation worse. Additionally, it’s a good idea to speak with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. They can help you understand the charges against you and work to protect your rights.

In some cases, it may be possible to avoid criminal charges altogether. Some stores have a “civil recovery” program that allows them to recover damages without involving law enforcement. However, this is not always an option, and it’s important to understand your legal rights and options.

If you’re a parent or guardian of a minor who has been caught shoplifting, it’s important to be supportive and understanding. While it’s important to take the situation seriously, it’s also important to help your child understand that they are not defined by their actions. Encouraging them to take responsibility for their actions and work to make amends can be a positive step forward.

In conclusion, being caught shoplifting under 18 can have serious consequences. It’s important to understand the potential charges and consequences and work to protect your legal rights. If you’re a parent or guardian, being supportive and understanding can go a long way in helping your child move forward from this difficult situation.


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