What Are Three Strikes Charges?

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The Three Strikes Law has been controversial since its inception. However, it continues to govern the rulings of California courts today. If you are charged with crimes that fall under this law, you could face up to life in prison on the third offense. Therefore, it’s vital to have a good Three Strikes defense attorney to help you understand the legal system and get thoughtful counsel for your case.


About the Three Strikes Law

In California, some convictions fall into the Three Strikes Law. The law, as originally established in 1994, required a life sentence for even minor convictions if the defendant had two prior serious or violent crime convictions.


By 2012, voters agreed to amend the law under Proposition 36 to allow for those convicted of a third crime that was not serious or violent to avoid a life sentence. It also gave people already in prison under the law to request a reduced sentence from the court. Though less harsh today, Three Strikes convictions under this law can still cause you serious problems.


This law continues to undergo evaluation and proposed changes, such as Assembly Bill 1127 in 2021 that would change how juvenile strikes are handled in court. Today, strike convictions committed by those 16 or older count as adult strikes. These often result in much harsher penalties during adult strike charges trials. The bill proposes not allowing juvenile strikes to count after a person becomes an adult. Plus, those in prison who had juvenile strikes that increased their mandatory sentences could request a decrease in their sentences. The law still is hung up in the legislature as it passed to inactive in the state Assembly as of June 2021.


What Are Three Strikes Law Charges Today?

Today, Three Strikes Law charges include a variety of felonies. These are as follows:

  • Crimes in which a weapon was used, regardless of whether injuries occurred
  • Murder
  • Arson
  • Crimes that involve explosive devices
  • Robbery
  • Kidnapping
  • Residential burglary
  • Most sex offenses

In many instances, attempts at the above crimes also count. Proper legal advice from a defense attorney who stays updated on the latest changes to the Three Strikes Law is important. You deserve to have someone to guide you through the process and put time and consideration into your case. Public defendants often are so overworked to not have the time to provide each case the attention it needs. However, Steven K. Bloom can offer you a thoughtful evaluation of your case and sound legal advice throughout the proceedings.

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