What Happens If You Leave the Scene of an Auto Accident? Part 1: Misdemeanor Allegations

auto accident

auto accident

Getting into an auto accident is scary. In fact, some people briefly feel afraid that they’ll get blamed or taken to jail and leave the scene. If this happened to you, you could face a misdemeanor or felony charge, depending on the situation. Over this two-part series, you’ll find out what could happen and why you need to find a trustworthy Orange County defense attorney to help you through the legal process.

What Is a Hit-and-Run Auto Accident?

After an auto accident, regardless of who caused it, everyone involved must stop and either assist any injured parties and notify the police of the incident. Failing to stop, even if you come back later, still classifies the accident as a hit-and-run.

What Is VC 20002?

Vehicle Code 20002 covers accidents that only result in property damage without injuries to any people. In incidents where no one got hurt, stopping after the accident can be at a safe location outside the lanes of traffic. For instance, letting the other driver know that you want to pull into a nearby parking lot to contact police and exchange insurance information is not considered leaving the scene for this type of accident.

After an accident, VC 20002 requires that you present your driver’s license and registration to the owners of the damaged property. In many cases, this is the other driver. This exchange may also include insurance information if both drivers are insured.

If property gets damaged without the owner around, such as backing into a parked car and causing a dent in it, you will need to leave your information in a conspicuous spot on the vehicle or property and notify police.

Consequences of Not Obeying VC 20002

If you leave an accident that only causes property damage, even if you come back, the crime could become a misdemeanor charge. The maximum penalty for this type of crime is no more than six months in jail, a fine of no more than $1000, or both.

Get Help for Your Auto Accident VC 20002 Charges from Trusted Orange County Defense Attorney Steven K. Bloom

If you left the scene of an accident because you got scared or didn’t know what to do, you made one mistake. But you can start to make things better by getting good legal advice to help you know what to do for your case. Contact the Law Office of Steven K. Bloom for help with your hit-and-run case. He’s assisted numerous other Orange County residents in their legal fights. Let him provide you with the counsel you need to get through yours.








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