What Happens If You Leave the Scene of an Auto Accident? Part 2: Felony Allegations

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Part one of this series focused on misdemeanors that fall under Vehicle Code (VC) 20002. Those auto accident typically only involved property damage. However, if someone gets injured and you leave the scene, you might have a felony charge. In this situation, having a good lawyer to give you sound legal advice will be even more important to the outcome of your case.

Leaving an Auto Accident That Caused an Injury or Fatality

If you ever get into an auto accident, you should always stop. Even if you’re scared of the consequences, leaving the scene will add to the maximum penalty. In cases of accidents that cause injuries or fatalities, the charges jump to felonies under Vehicle Code 20001. These hit-and-run charges add to any other consequences, such as DUI.

What Is Vehicle Code 20001?

Vehicle Code 20001 outlines the consequences of what happens after a hit-and-run auto accident that causes injury or death. Drivers who do not stop to provide information and contact the police or highway patrol as outlined in VC 20003 and VC 20004 fall into violation of VC 20001. 

What Can Happen If Leaving an Accident that Involved Injuries or Fatalities?

The minimum and maximum penalties for hit-and-run depend on the severity of the injuries. For instance, after an auto accident that caused injuries that were not permanently disabling, the sentence could include state prison or county jail for no more than a year and a fine between $1000 and $10,000.

In incidences in which death or permanent, severe injuries occur, the punishment is harsher. Prison time could reach two to four years, and the fine could range from $1000 to $10,000.

In cases of DUI, VC 20001 adds five more years of prison time to the initial punishment for vehicular manslaughter, which has varying punishments up to ten years in prison, per Penal Code 193. These five years for the hit-and-run charges are served consequently to the initial one, which extends the total prison sentence.

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