What Is a Vandalism Crime?


Often, people consider vandalism a juvenile delinquency crime, but people of any age can find themselves combatting this charge, such as in domestic violence cases. Understanding the nuances of this type of crime and how Orange County courts address it is what you need from your defense attorney on the case. An experienced defense lawyer in Orange County can give you the tailored legal guidance you need to understand your case and how to best address your situation.

Finding out more about this charge of property damage and what it could mean is a good first step before finding a lawyer to help you.

What Is Vandalism?

Penal Code 594 (PC 594) is the portion of California law that discusses the requirements for vandalism charges and possible punishments. This law covers any type of damage, defacing, or destruction of personal or real property that doesn’t belong to the defendant.

Examples of vandalism include drawing graffiti on a building, writing in wet cement, and keying a car.

What Types of Punishment Come with Vandalism Convictions?

The cost of the damages caused by the individual determines the maximum punishments given. When damages add up to less than $400 and the charge is a first offense, the punishment could include a fine of no more than $1000, up to a year in county jail, or both. If the damage is less than $400 and the defendant has a prior conviction of the same type of vandalism charge, the consequences may include a fine of up to $5000, imprisonment of up to a year in county jail, or both.

When vandalism causes damages worth greater than $400, the consequences are more severe. Fines can reach up to $10,000 for damage up to this amount. Severe damage of more than $10,000 from vandalism carries harsher fines of up to $50,000. Both types of charges come with possible county jail time up to one year.

The court may also require the defendant to clean up the vandalized property in cases of graffiti or other types of defacing.

How Can a Defense Lawyer Help?

A defense lawyer can help guide you or a loved one through the legal process by evaluating the circumstances of the case and finding the best possible defense. Accidents, cases of mistaken identity, and false accusations are possible reasons that innocent people may face vandalism charges.

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