What Is Alternative Sentencing? How Do Good Attorneys Use It to Help Their Clients?

Alternative sentencing

Not all convictions result in jail time or prison sentences. Alternative sentencing can help individuals convicted of crimes avoid these types of punishments. Instead, they have the chance to carry out their sentence without leaving their families.

What Is Alternative Sentencing?

In California, not all convictions will result in jail or prison time. In fact, alternative options exist that can keep the individual at home, which can help them to better take care of their family or remain productive citizens of society. Most alternative sentences come from plea deals and can provide benefits to both the convicted person and to society.

By staying out of jail or prison, the individual can continue to work, have friends, and support their family. Society avoids issues such as overcrowded prisons or jails. The state avoids paying large amounts of its budget for incarcerating individuals, which increased from 3% of the state budget in 1970 to more than 9% in 2014.

What Are Types of Alternative Sentencing? 

There are several forms of alternative sentencing in California, which include:

  • Probation
  • Home detention
  • Drug treatment programs
  • Community service
  • Drug diversion programs

As with incarceration, these types of sentences will vary in their specific requirements based on the facts of the case and the judge’s discretion. For instance, many types of drug crimes may result in alternative sentences instead of more punitive options.

The Benefit of Finding an Attorney Who Knows About Alternative Sentencing

Not all attorneys will look for every alternative for their clients. An attorney who knows about alternative sentencing can use this knowledge to keep their clients’ families together. Plus, by having an alternative sentence instead of prison time or jail time, a person can avoid losing their job, which could put their family at financial risk.

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