What Should You Know About Californian Drug Laws?

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California is now a Golden State where citizens enjoy freedom and find a scope of self-expression and creativity. Californians try to leverage the benefits of consuming recreational and medical marijuana. According to recent California laws, it is legal to consume marijuana. But, Californians should know marijuana laws and other drug laws if they possess, purchase, or sell these items. If they break Californian drug laws, they will be involved in a lawsuit. However, there are expert lawyers to help you solve your legal case. Still, it is safe to avoid violating Federal laws.
Californian drug laws that you must know
If you possess illegal drugs (such as controlled substances, heroin, or cocaine), it leads to a violation of laws. You may be alleged of carrying a suspicious amount of controlled substances. It will lead to legal complications in the future.
A few years ago, it was a felony if you owned illegal substances. But, since 2014, California has considered this act as a low-level crime. Still, this minor crime can result in bigger challenges in your life. If someone files a lawsuit against you, you will not be able to get employment in the future. You may not retain your job due to this illegal act. According to the drug screening laws in California, employers cannot conduct drug tests for employees. Still, you have to be careful and avoid doing any misdemeanor. To learn more about drug laws, you can contact an experienced lawyer.
Which drugs can be used legally in California?
It is safe to use only prescription drugs, but ensure that you have a lawful or valid prescription while buying them. The state has also legalized the use of marijuana. It is also legal to purchase and consume derivatives of the weed.
However, not everyone has the freedom to buy weeds.
Your minimum age to consume medical marijuana is 18 years. It is illegal if you possess more than 28.5 grams of weeds or marijuana and 8gm of concentrated cannabis. Besides, you cannot smoke weed in public zones.
Illegal drugs in California
The Californian state has categorized controlled substances into 3 tiers. The most common Schedule I drugs are opiates. These are used as painkillers. Some rehab centers have claimed that these substances are highly addictive. Also, they lead to drug abuse cases. However, if anyone takes the drug after getting permission from a medical specialist, there will be no issue. Schedule I also includes drugs like methylenedioxymethamphetamine, peyote, and methaqualone.
Again, Schedule II drugs that are illegal include cocaine and meth. However, one can use hydromorphone and some other drugs with a prescription.
Californian drug laws on possessing the controlled substances
Drug laws in California are complicated and consider various scenarios. For example, a law enforcement organization would consider you a suspected person if you physically hold onto illegal drugs. You may be charged for possessing these substances. However, possession of drugs can be of various types-
Actual drug possession- The drug is in your pocket, and you carry the drug physically in some other way.
Constructive drug possession- If the illegal substances are stashed somewhere, and you can access them easily, it refers to constructive possession. For instance, the drug is in your backpack, couch pillow, and backpack.
Joint drug possession- It combines both types of possessions. In this case, the concerned authority stores the drugs in a shared space, which is accessible to you and other parties.
Penalty for those who have made drug crimes
Various factors determine the penalty for violating drug laws. They also make a difference in the duration of your imprisonment. If it is the first time you are charged for drug possession, you will have 1-year imprisonment and a fine of up to $1,000 fine. Before making the judgment, the court will consider different things like
Your previous criminal activities
The type of illegal substance and its amount
The reason for possessing drugs
Whether you possess the drugs for sale
An efficient lawyer will help you reduce your penalty.
Hire a lawyer for your drug crime cases
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