What You Need to Know About the New Law for Sex Offender Registry for Sex Crime Convictions

sex offender registry

Prior to 2021, all people convicted of sex crimes had to register for life on the sex offender registry. However, as of July 1, 2021, those required to register on the list have one of three tiers that each have expiration dates. This method allows for some people to free themselves from the sex offender registry in the future.

What Is the New Tiered Sex Offender Registry?

The new tiered sex offender registry separates convictions into four separate tiers. After conviction, the court assigns you to a tier, which indicates how long you must remain on the sex offender registry. Factors such as the type of crime and risk assessment scores will determine the tier that you must register within.

What Are the Tiers?

The tiers for the new sex offender registry are as follows:

  • Tier One: Ten years
  • Tier Two: Twenty years
  • Tier Three with Risk Assessment Level: Twenty years
  • Tier Three: Lifetime

If the court orders you to sign up on the registry, the default level is Tier One. However, the court may look at the type of conviction and other factors to decide to raise the level to Tier Two or Tier Three. You can ask the local agency with which you register for a letter indicating your tier level of registration.

What Happens If I Disagree With My Tier or Have Fulfilled My Requirements?

You may not agree with the court about your designated tier. If this happens, you should not fight alone. Contact a qualified defense attorney to help you to argue your case with the court.

At the end of your designated time on the sex offender registries, you will also need a defense lawyer to help you petition the court. In the petition, you make your case that you have fulfilled your time on the registry and qualify to terminate your listing on it. If the court approves, you no longer have to have your name on the sex offender registry in California, though you may still need to register in other states.

Get Help for Sex Offender Registry Termination or Disputes from Orange County Defense Attorney Steven K. Bloom

If you have a charge of a sex crime, the type of crime and whether you get convicted will determine if you need to register and at what tier. You will also need an expert attorney to help if you don’t agree with your assigned tier level. Additionally, they can help if you have fulfilled the registration requirements and want the court to release you from registering in the future. 

For these and other situations, contact a well-practiced Orange County lawyer to help you with the legal system and provide you with sound legal advice. Reach out to the Law Office of Steven K. Bloom to get a free evaluation of your case. Sex crime convictions carry potentially long-term consequences. You are not alone in your journey through the legal system. You can get expert help from defense attorney Steven K. Bloom.










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