What You Need to Know About Vandalism Charges – Part 2 Juveniles and Vandalism

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Many people think of vandalism charges as juvenile crimes. While many times juveniles get charged with vandalism, they are not the only ones the law goes after. However, for minors charged with vandalism, the legal process is especially frightening. Getting guidance from a lawyer experienced in juvenile delinquency cases can help to make the legal challenges go more smoothly.

What Happens When a Juvenile Has Vandalism Charges?

Juveniles facing vandalism charges still have to face the same types of penalties as anyone else, including fines. Therefore, juveniles may have to pay fines of up to $10,000 for vandalism, depending on the cost of the damages and community service instead of jail.

In some cases, judges will often require the defendant to clean up graffiti, or in some cases, to keep an area free of graffiti for 60 days, per Penal Code 594.8. Parents do not have to participate in cleanup or maintaining the property if it might harm the defendant or if the parent is a single parent of young children.

What Happens If a Juvenile Has a Fine and Cannot Pay?

Due to their age, many juveniles cannot pay the high fines for vandalism. In these cases, parents will have to pay the fine. The court, however, may reduce the penalty or waive its payment from the parents if they can produce a good cause.

Do You Still Need a Lawyer for a Juvenile with Vandalism Charges?

A juvenile facing vandalism charges should have a good lawyer to help with the process. While the results of a case cannot be guaranteed, a good defense attorney can help the juvenile to get through the legal process. Plus, quality defense attorneys for juveniles have experience working with the special needs of youth. One such attorney in Orange County is Steven K. Bloom, who frequently has other area attorneys refer their juvenile delinquency cases to him.

Reach Out to the Law Office of Steven K. Bloom for Help with Vandalism Charges Your Youth May Have

If you have a minor with vandalism charges, get help from Steven K. Bloom. He has a long history of helping juveniles and adults charged with vandalism and other crimes. Let him offer the advice and legal information needed to help your juvenile. Contact Steven K. Bloom now for a case consultation.










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