Why You Really Need an Expert in Juvenile Dependency Cases

juvenile dependency

Juvenile dependency cases are often some of the most difficult to face because they can feel overwhelming for those who have had Child Protective Services taking away a child. These cases need exceptional care and expertise to handle. Working with a qualified attorney who has experience in this field of law is essential for ensuring that you have quality representation and legal advice.  

What Are Juvenile Dependency Cases?

Juvenile dependency cases also go by the term WIC 300. This alternative term comes from the Welfare and Institutions (WIC) Code section 300 that outlines laws governing when the state can take custody of a dependent. For California to take custody of a child under this law, the dependent does not have to have actually sustained injuries. If the state believes that the child is at risk of physical harm or illness, they can still take away a child.

Why These Cases Require Experienced Attorneys

The delicate nature of handling cases that involve child custody require attorneys with experience in the field. While attorneys in California have knowledge of the law, not all of them have experience in every aspect of defense. Dependency cases are one area that a general lawyer may not have experience in handling. Therefore, you should not enlist the aid of just any lawyer that you find from a search of juvenile dependency lawyers in Orange County. You need help from an experienced attorney.

What You Can Do If You Are in a Juvenile Dependency Case

If your child or children have been taken by the state in a juvenile dependency case, get help right away to find the best legal advice for your situation. You need someone to work with you as you go through the legal process of trying to restore your family. Trust Steven K. Bloom to get help with this type of delicate case.

Reach Out to the Law Office of Steven K. Bloom for Assistance with an Orange County Juvenile Dependency Case

Juvenile dependency cases require a specific skillset to work with. You deserve to have legal counsel from someone experienced with the delicate area of juvenile law. Steven K. Bloom has worked in this area of law since 1998 and has successfully brought back together many families. Contact the Law Office of Steven K. Bloom today to get a free case evaluation.






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