Why You Still Need a Lawyer After Conviction

after conviction

After a conviction, you still will need to navigate the court system. You don’t want to talk to judges alone. Get the legal advice you need to help make your requests of the court and more after conviction. Find out the many ways an attorney can be useful during this time:


While warrants, such as bench warrants for failing to appear in court, are not always after conviction issues, they still require legal assistance. A bench warrant cannot be cleared until you or your lawyer go to the court and explain the situation. Without getting this type of warrant cleared, police could put you in jail until you address the court yourself.

Expungement After Conviction

Expungement is invaluable for future jobseekers. After conviction and completing all the requirements from the court, such as probation, you can request a judge to expunge your record. This expungement removes the conviction from your record. Later, when applying for most jobs, you can then legally say that you have not been convicted of a crime.

However, getting expungement is not a simple matter of asking. The law covering this falls under Penal Code 1203.4. Information within this penal code outlines what situations can qualify for expungement and the possible requirements for them. Having a qualified attorney at your side can help you when you go through this process of requesting expungement.  

Court Requests After Conviction

Sometimes, after conviction, you may have specific requests of the court. Such requests may include extending time to fulfill the requirements of the court or asking for a reduction in a sentence. To ensure that you follow all legal protocols in making such requests, you should have good legal counsel at your side. A qualified defense attorney can provide you with a voice in court and help to make your request to the judge while giving you information about the process and helping you to better understand the legal situation.

Your Need for Legal Advice Does Not End After Convictions

No matter what step you are in during the legal process, you need expert advice. Even after a conviction, you still need good legal counsel. Whether you need to make a request or seek expungement, connect with an Orange County lawyer with post-conviction experience. Contact the Law Office of Steven K. Bloom for an evaluation of your case.






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